We have been trying to post a video update about our travels…but the internet has NOT been our friend so we’ll post about how our 20,000km service went yesterday…

First off, finding a place and getting our precious BMW GSA serviced while traveling is a bit hard.

1…it’s tough getting an appointment because we are in one place for only a short mount of time…

2…we are never 100% sure which city we will be at any given time so making an appointment beforehand (like 2-3 weeks in advance which is common practice) is almost impossible…

Thank God for email! We shoot out an email to the BMW service centers that on our way and we let them know we will be in the area soon and that our motorbike needs servicing.

Whoever answers us back gets our business and we make sure we are there when there is a spot available… ?

Our first 1,000km service was in Funen, Denmark.

Our second 10,000km service in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Our latest 20,000km service in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

We have only praise for the AC Vuko team. They were quick, efficient and very professional.

Our bike was in and out in less than 2 hours and it was a BIG service. Besides the regular first class BMW service they:

  • Replaced all our Spark plugs
  • Replaced our rear Brake pads (this doesn’t have to done at a 20,000km service, but ours needed replacing)
  • Changed our Engine oil
  • Replaced our Air filters
  • Checked our Valve clearance etc.

Our bike came back like new and they gave us a bottle of wine to celebrate!

THANK YOU AC VUKO TEAM for taking care of our baby…