I know that writing about an event a month late just seems useless…

But because this blog is also my digital journal, I’m going to go ahead and tell my story regardless of whether anybody besides me (and a couple of my family members) reads this or not.

The patron of our Cortejos Clan, Tito Flips and his beautiful wife Tita Babette wanted to organize a gala ball for Christmas Eve. I think the planning and the organized started sometime in July 2016, but somehow we are all running around trying to rent/acquire suits and gowns right until the day before.

I don’t know why that always happens, but despite our disorganization everyone in the Cortejos Clan looked gorgeous and handsome and stuck to the color code each family was given.

That’s right, our “Cortejos Christmas Gala” was to have lots of food, drinks, a beautiful venue,  a couple of bartenders for the free flow bar, cool DJ’s, photographers and of course a mandatory COLOR CODED DRESS CODE per family….

It was a bit stressful, to be honest, but the family pictures that were taken were priceless…

I will make an album and link here…soon 😀

But so you get an idea of how the Cortejos Clan partays…here’s a video compilation of some of our moooooves….