Hey Guys, I know it’s been ages since have posted a workout…or ANYTHING FITNESS RELATED…if we’re going to be honest with ourselves :/ :/ :/

I guess we have sort of taken a Sabbatical from our personal training careers…

We have been working out and staying fit, but because our workouts are very basic and “maintenance” oriented, I guess we felt they were a bit boring to share.

Sorry, if some of you missed our posts/emails about fitness and healthy recipes.

We’re honestly going to start sharing some stuff about fitness more often. We promise! ***with our fingers crossed behind our backs*** 😛

So for the first workout post, we have Ruby to thank. She liked our 1000 Rep Workout Challenge (back in our Maxfit days) and wanted to do it again, but she couldn’t remember the whole workout, so she contacted us…

So Ruby, here it is, just for you…and of course for anyone else who wants a good challenging and sweat inducing workout!

Please note that it’s a bit revised (from the one we did at Maxfit) as we know not everyone has tires, battle ropes or sledge hammers available 😛

Happy Workout and May the Muscle Aches Be Kind to you the Day After 😛