Dare-to-DreamIt started off as a crazy dream that we said out loud. Not a dream that we had while we were sleeping. But something that both of us wanted to do…like REALLY WANTED TO DO!

Have you ever had a dream, but never told anyone about it. Chances are it was just a passing thought. Perhaps it was something like “I’d like to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower”  but if you never say it out loud, and never do anything about that fleeting desire you’ll forget about it and the chances of it ever happening are zero.

You forget that you even wanted something more than your daily routine until the next time you have a fleeting dream or desire.

That’s the way I was before I met Stefan. I had many “dreams” and many fleeting desires but I never really put much effort in making them come to pass simply because they didn’t seem that necessary or relevant to my daily life.

I was a pragmatic person and I prided in being fairly decent at whatever I decided to do. And I focused on what I thought was necessary to live a decent life. I kept myself busy with…

Being efficient in my work…

Making a decent amount of money to be comfortable…

Respecting others and helping those less fortunate than myself…

Those “respectable life goals” just seemed to be “more important” to think about and put into action than fleeting dreams and desires.

Oh yes, I enjoyed life but I look back now and I think I enjoyed life in a rather “matter of fact” kind of way.

Does that make sense? If it doesn’t, don’t worry. This is just a rambling start to our blog…and I’m sure I’m even more confused than you as to how I ended writing all that introspective stuff above.

But back to the point…

I’ve always wanted to travel and see new places. Stefan has also always had the travel bug and we’ve taken every opportunity to travel and see a new place since we’ve been together.

And I guess that was how our dream was born.

Flying to a new destination every vacation time just didn’t seem to be all that exciting anymore. I don’t know why, I just know that we both started feeling a bit bored boarding a plane and missing out on 80% of the journey of getting to our new destination.

We once drove from Bangkok all the way to Laos by car and it was such an amazing experience. It is was soooo much cooler than climbing into a plane and popping up in a new country with no idea of the mountains we “passed” the streams we “crossed” or how the countryside changed from one side of the boarder to another.

We also got tired of always waiting for vacation time to roll around. We wanted to travel and see as much of the world as we could, but how on earth would we fit it all in during our few and far between vacation times???

Stefan is the brave (or crazier) one and he was the first to say that he’d like to DROP EVERYTHING and just travel the world on a motorbike and I said “Oh, I’d love to do that too!” When he said it out loud it was like something woke up inside of me.

I threw my pragmatic self out of the window. I stopped thinking about whether it made business sense or any sense at all! Whether it would help make a decent amount of money or lead to a comfortable life.

I did stop and have a quick thought that most responsible and sane adults wouldn’t even cultivate such a dream until they had their house, a steady and sure income, or perhaps a reasonable reason for being crazy (like those who have done crazy things for good and noble causes) but I also realized that I didn’t care…

I just knew that I shared the SAME DREAM and I wanted to live it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Since saying it out loud, we’ve been holding hands and running towards THAT DREAM…

And even though we haven’t driven out of the borders of Thailand, our current home country, YET–we already feel like we are living OUR DREAM.

Of course, we don’t live in Fairyland where we can dream a dream and it comes true. And yes, we are having to work hard and come up with grand schemes to keep taking steps towards our goal but so far WE ARE GETTING CLOSER.

We hope that this blog will help us get even closer, but if it doesn’t quite do that, at least it will serve as an open journal of our journey towards our dream.

And here’s to hoping it will do some good and perhaps encourage you to DARE TO DREAM if you haven’t started yet…

Thanks for reading and for sharing the BIGGEST PART of our journey–the BEGINNING!