Oh no! Not Another Valentines Promo!!!

Dear Friend,

Valentines Day is just around the corner and the shops and online marketeers take the opportunity to drown us with perfume, flower and jewelry ads!

This year actually isn't so bad. They've been rather quiet, (or perhaps my pop up blocker has finally been working) but usually all the Valentine buy this and buy that and we have the perfect His and Hers gift is rather distracting and bothersome.

Valentines was supposed to be a simple day to show someone we love that we care about them... but all the Valentines promos are brainwashing us into thinking that something "simple" isn't enough. They try to convince us that we need a fancy Valentine get-away, expensive jewelry or an elaborate dinner to show our loved ones that we "love" them.

How many of you had a simple idea of what to do with your loved one for Valentines…but ended up confused and organizing some BIG Valentines hoopla because of all the Valentines sales, promotions and ads that we are constantly bombarded with as soon as Feb 1st rolls around???

We shouldn't NEED TO BUY EXPENSIVE GIFTS or book the fanciest restaurants to show someone we love and care about them! If you feel you have to shell out big bucks to impress your loved one…then maybe it’s time you re-think your relationship…IMO!

Ok, for those of you who already have some big Valentines thingy planned…please do NOT think I am saying you are wasting your time. It’s the thought that counts. And I’m sure your loved one will appreciate it, but if you’re looking for something more personal, less expensive and a gift that won’t end on Valentines Day why don’t you check out investing in experiences!

Make a unique memory, do something you haven’t done before and if you can, invest in something that isn’t a one-off thing.

Ok, so now I’m going to be honest with you…


Whoops, sorry, I sorta lied with my email heading, but just hear me out...

I’m going offer you something different...

I’m going to offer you a  “Be My Fit Valentines” opportunity!

And the best part is you get to spread the love AROUND!

Our “Be My Fit Valentines” promo will let you bring up to 6 loved ones and friends to enjoy a fun and challenging personalized fitness session with you!

If you want to share the love with only 1 special person that’s ok too! But if you have a few folks you want to show that you care about them, then why not invite them for a free partner workout with you.

 So this is how it will work...

  • 4000thb will get you 6 sessions for yourself and 6 FREE sessions for your loved ones!
  • Your 6 free sessions can be given away to 1 special person or up to 6 friends you want to spend some quality time with. It’s completely up to you, but they would need workout at the same time as you 🙂
  • You will get 14 Days to use up your 6 sessions, this way you won’t feel rushed!
  • You will also get a free mini fitness consultation to find out which exercises are suited to you, if there any imbalances in your muscles, a basic idea of your flexibility and strength, and where your fitness level is at.
  • We can also offer a pretty flexible schedule as we are open everyday from Monday-Saturday (till 12 noon)
  • We also will GIVE AWAY an online nutrition guideline to you and each of your loved ones that you bring along.

If something I said resonates with you and you also think that:

  • Spending time and doing something besides consuming an expensive meal is more worthwhile to do with your loved ones…
  • Buying traditional Valentines gifts or going to traditional Valentines venues are boring and you’ve done it all before…
  • It’s time to share or perhaps start a new and different experience with your loved one….
  • You and your loved one need to get more healthy and fit and it would be fun and interesting to workout together…

Then consider my offer…

Best part about my offer is that I consider this Valentines promo my gift to all those who took time to read what I had to say…

Yup, I know I said a lot!

Anyways, if after the first session/mini-consultation, you change your mind for ANY reason I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY! Actually, I will have your money in an envelope ready to return to you if you decide that the experience I have to offer is not suited to you.

Happy Valentines to You and Yours!

I hope to hear from you!

Warm & Cuddly Regards,

Marie Lamping

So that's it...that's my "Not Another Valentines" offer...

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