It’s funny how we appreciate things more when they are gone…or SOON to be gone…

We feel a bit in awe about leaving Bangkok. There are so many things that we are seeing in a new light simply because we took them for granted because we have lived here so long.

Here are some of our Mavic Pro Drone Shots of some of our “last days” activities.

Sadly, we were not able to fly our drone over the tallest building in Bangkok, because it isn’t completed yet and because drone flying is getting rather strict nowadays.

But we were able to take some amazing footage of the Bhumibol 1 bridge 🙂

Forgive the amateur footage, we are still learning…

And do visit again, we will have a video compiling our GoPro5 footage along with our drone footage soon.

NOTE: If you are interested in getting a drone for yourself, do use OUR AFFILIATE LINK so that we can get some much needed commission and possible sponsorship from DJI…Thanks in advance:)