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What You Get With Our Online Personal Trainer Program

If you are on this page, we assume you are interested in Getting Fit and Want some Direction in How you Should Go about it...

Here's a Simple 1,2,3 list to help you decide if an Online Personal Fitness Trainer suits you best...
(Or if you should contact a PT in your current gym or neighbourhood)

  • 1

    Travel & Location

    If you TRAVEL FREQUENTLY an "Online" Personal Trainer is a no-brainer...
    An "Online" Personal Trainer can go with you wherever you go and he can customize your workouts according to the gym equipment you have available to you. You can even plan out your workouts weeks and months in advance so that you know exactly what you will doing and not miss a workout due to being on business trip OR HAVING NO GYM EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE.
    If you have your favorite gym, and you can get to it easily at least 4x per week most months of the year, then an "On-site" Personal Trainer is great. Just be sure to get a trainer that can motivate and challenge you. It is easy to get bored or lose momentum if your routine is TOO routine..does that make sense?

  • 2

    Schedule Flexibility

    If your schedule is fairly predictable, you can book an "On-site" Personal Trainer that suits your particular time-table. Most "On-site" personal trainers are prompt and can give you a good workout within the time you have allotted.
    If your schedule is ERRATIC and your workout time (and session length) will CHANGE FROM DAY TO DAY you will be comfortable with an "Online" Personal Trainer as they will not get offended if you change your "appointment" time 5 times that day. In fact, their only concern will be "IF" you completed your workout for that day--or your allotted sessions for that week.
    That's a load off, isn't it?

  • 3


    How much are you willing to pay for personal training or fitness sessions? If your budget per session is 20 BUCKS OR LESS you should consider an "Online" Personal Trainer as their fees are a lot cheaper (might even be as low as 30 bucks for a whole month!!) and you can follow their training program even if you have only basic or minimal equipment.
    If your budget is LARGE (100 bucks or more) you should consider getting an "On-site" Personal Trainer as Face to Face training is still more efficient. Getting a premium gym membership with quality equipment will also benefit you.


Decide, Commit and we'll help you Suceed

Online Personal Training in some ways is a tough choice. You need to be disciplined enough to set aside time to follow the exercise plans and communicate with your online personal trainer. The good news is that once you do decide that "You Want To Train" you are only a few clicks away to getting your own Pocket Personal Trainer that costs a fraction of what on- site Personal Trainer would cost...

I'm In, but I want to Try It Out First

So now you're pretty much decided that you want to start training and you've decided that Online Training is a good option for you, but you want to try it out first. That's reasonable, especially if you haven't even had a personal trainer before.

To make sure that what we have to offer is suited to you. We'll give you a 30 Days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If our programs don't work for you, we will refund you. All we ask, is that you give our programs an honest effort. 🙂

Fitness for Men (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)
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  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

I have been working out with Stefan & Marie for about 2 months now and I am very pleasantly pleased with the result.

Three years prior I broke my leg in a rock climbing accident. After healing from my injury, my husband and I were blessed with news that we will be having a baby girl. As a result, I spent 2+ years away from exercise and physical activity. After giving birth I was very uncomfortable with myself and feeling very sluggish.

I then decided to join Stefan & Marie's training program. I followed the super yummy recipes, stuck(..ish) to the meal plans, and worked out 3 times a week.

In 1 month I lost 32cm around my tummy!! I have tried so many diets and exercise routines before and nothing has worked wonders like this! Thank you Marie and Stefan!


Great training program. Stefan keeps it interesting and motivational. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.


I am so happy to have come across Stefan & Marie's training programs!!! It is really helping me get into shape. I have found with the stresses of moving to a new country, working out helps me relieve that stress and focus on what is important for the rest of the day. I always feel better after working out! Even when I've been pushed to do things I truly never believed possible within myself!