Glacier Hiking Tour | El Puesto Expediciones | Rio Tranquilo, Chile

Our hike and tour of Glacier Exploradores with El Puesto Expediciones was of our most unforgettable experiences! We were treated like VIPs as soon as we met our friendly guide aptly named Macarena.

We were a small group and the other couple that were with us were very helpful with translating the information that Macarena freely shared with us on the way up to the glacier.

Before we started our hike out to the glacier, we stopped to get our gear at their base camp in the mountains. We packed our ice crampons, snow gaiters, sunglasses, sunblock, gloves, helmets and of course snacks. We brought only a little bit of water as Maca told us we could drink the glacier water!! We were looking forward to that!

She double checked our gear, made sure we were suitably dressed for the weather and off we went. We were impressed with how professional everything about our tour was.

But of course, seeing and hiking on an actual glacier was the highlight. And we were overwhelmed with views we saw… it was one amazing view after another!

You can watch our video to get a sneak peek 😀 …. Thank you El Puesto Expediciones for the awesome experience!

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Facebook: http://www.ElPuestoHostal/

Instagram: ElPuestoExpediciones


Whatsapp: +56 9 51893146

Stand Up Paddle Boarding| Aoni Expediciones | Rio Tranquilo, Chile

The Marble Caves are amazing in themselves, but getting to stand up paddle board while exploring them was extra special.

Whatsapp: +569-7216-3355


Marmol Caves Boat Tour | Aoni Expediciones | Rio Tranquilo, Chile

If you haven’t heard about the Marmol Caves (Marble Caves) in Lake General Carrera then you are missing out on one of the most beautiful marble cave formations in the world!

We were lucky to have found Aoni Expediciones as they have an excellent tour in both English and Espanol.

We left around 9.30am and were amazed at how clear the lake water was. The clear blue water and the shimmering marble made it easy to figure out why the locals named one of the large rock/marble formations Catedral de Marmol (Marble Cathedral) and Capilla de Marmol (Marble Chapel)

The Aoni Expediciones tour guides were very friendly and knowledgeable and could answer all our questions and more.

One of the highlights of our tour was getting to see a Condor up close (…with our drone :P) Check out our video and get a sneak peek of the Marble Cave…


Whatsapp: +569-7216-3355


Kayak & Windsurfing | Kayak Maca Tobiano | Los Antiguos, Argentina

Lago Buenos Aires in Argentina is the second largest lake in South America. It is so huge, it looks and acts more like the ocean than a lake.

We went kayaking with Kayak Maca Tobiano and had fun getting some footage of some wind surfing.

It was a cold and windy day but the sun was out and that was all that was needed to make it perfect.

If you are visiting Los Antiguos and you want some action Kayak Maca Tobiano are the ones to contact!



Whatsapp: +54 9 297 501-4444

Ruta 41 | Patagonian Roads | Los Antiguos, Argentina

This short video was taken while riding along Ruta 41 in Los Antiguos, Argentina.

The colors and the ever-changing landscape was amazing!!!

Our drone was not in full health and some of the footage is a bit too white, but we hope you can still enjoy the amazing sights we saw and perhaps you will put this amazing place on your bucket list.

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3 Island Boat Tour | Katarina Tour | Dubrovnik, Croatia

We chose this tour because we liked the idea of a home cooked meal at someone's house instead of on the boat.

It was a great choice and we had a grand time. If you want to taste home-made wine and grappa go for this tour...

It's an experience of a lifetime. Thank You Katarina Family 🙂 

Tandem Paragliding | 2 Glide | Skopje, Macedonia

Tandem Paragliding from the Millennium Cross mountain in Skopje, Macedonia was downright awesome.

The take off and the landing was what I was a bit nervous about, but it went smoothly thanks to

I had so much fun...Thank You  🙂

Thermal Beer Spa | Budapest, Hungry

Relaxing and Unique Spa experience! Must try at least once... Beer ingredients that are healthy for your skin, hair and nails are put into a warm bath.

Along with the bath you get unlimited access to cold beer which you self-serve from a tap right next to your bathtub.

Check out their website at: