Hi, our names are Stefan and Marie we’d like to share with you how we decided to sell our 2 fitness studios and thriving personal training business in Bangkok and travel the world on our motorbike.

Let’s start at the beginning…

We both love traveling on motorbikes, possibly because Bangkok traffic is so bad,  we couldn’t imagine sitting in a car for hours to get from A to B.

Stefan started off with a little scooter, a Honda Click 125cc to be exact, and he raced around from client to client to offer his much-in-demand personal training.

When I came into the picture, we decided that the little scooter was not quite enough for both of us. We also wanted a bigger bike that could travel around Thailand. We settled on a Honda CBR500X and I surprised Stefan with setting up the down payment for the new bike on his birthday! 😀

Our first “Big” Bike

We traveled up and down Thailand with that bike and we became even more addicted to motorbike travel. We pretty much never got in a car or cab. We went grocery shopping on our bike, we went to gala balls and costume parties on our bike, it became a lifestyle for us and we loved every minute of it.  Yes, we rode on our bike dressed in all those “costumes” below 😛

We’re happy to say that our Honda CBR500X is still within the family as my dad bought it from us and it now looks even better than when we got it new.

During work hours we slowly but surely built our fitness family from 10-20 clients/month to about 200 clients/month but we still found time to travel.

We loved our business and we felt like each and every one of our clients was a friend or part of our family, but we still had that niggling travel bug that wouldn’t go away. When normal people get success in their business—they settle down. They invest in property, buy a car, or expand the business. I guess we were never really “normal”…

We just wanted to travel!!

Every penny and every vacation was spent exploring a new city in Thailand or a new country on a rented bike.

And it was during one of our spur of the moment road trips in Thailand that we joked about how cool it would be to ride around the world on our motorbike…


That was about 3 years ago. We put up posters on our wall with the bike we wanted to get (a BMW 1200GS–which we got second hand from a friend) and started planning our route. We initially had planned to travel by motorbike from Bangkok to Amsterdam but due to us needing a new bike (check out why here) we will purchase our new bike and start our motorbike journey in Stefan’s home town of Den Haag and explore Europe first.

When we started telling folks that we would stay in business for only a couple more years and then go around the world on our motorbike, I think most of them just thought we were dreaming. Or that we would “wake up and smell the coffee” and decide to settle down.

It was only at the end of 2016 when we sold our first fitness studio that folks realized that we were serious. I suppose it was only then that we also realized that we had jumped off the cliff and that there was no turning back…

Road Trip of a Lifetime…ready or not…here we come!! 😀 😀 😀 

Update 2019: We have now ridden through 45 countries so far, and we are currently in the USA (12 states done, and we hope to do several more…)

We had an amazing opportunity to work as lead trainers and managers with F45 Great Neck Plaza.

Click here for the list of countries traveled through by the #hollapinos on #blackbeautybmw

Update 2020: Due to our work visa in the US not getting extended, and the Covid-19 crisis, we found ourselves back in the Netherlands.

We took a 6-month sabbatical in France to re-charge and ride out the Corona crisis. But once we realized that the Corona crisis was not dissipating we decided to return to the Netherlands and settle down for a bit.