So, we’re back! For those who didn’t know, we went away for a mini-holiday, and I guess you are new to our blog…so WELCOME… we’re happy to have you visit our space… animated-welcome-image-0276

Last week we took a break from training in the gym to attend Marie’s childhood friend’s wedding. It was beautiful! And folks from pretty much the four corners of the globe flew to Thailand to celebrate the start of their new life together. It was a privilege to attend!

For us it was a special trip as it was the first time we had a long ride (over 1000km) without our own trusty 8yr old GS1200…that baby is now with a new “daddy.” And it was a bit of a milestone in our transition to the nomad lifestyle, this was our first time to be away for more than a weekend and were excited to see how we would stay fit, keep up with our blog, and manage our online fitness business.

But before we could even start on our exciting first foray/trial run into our
new lifestyle we ran into a bit of an obstacle when we realized…WE NO LONGER HAD A MOTORBIKE!!!

We had no idea that our baby would have already moved on when Ana’s wedding would come around. You know how things are, you get so excited about the big event, and you totally forget about the small important detail of having no transport…

Everyone else was all organized to fly in or bus down from Bangkok. We were like, don’t worry about us, we’ll ride down and we’ll swing by the Cambodian border too, since it’s so close 😉

Fortunately, we know this really cool guy named Jamil. He came to our rescue and when we asked him if we borrow his baby for the wedding expedition he was like “Sure!” even though we knew he was a little jealous that he wasn’t able to ride around and take a week off…

Our borrowed baby came with some awesome spacious panniers. When I looked at all the stuff my wife “needed” to bring with her, I almost had a heart-attack.

4 pairs of shoes???

2 cases of make up???

Hair extensions???

Massive bottles of hair spray and I’m not sure what else…

She was like, “Honey, I’m the makeup artiste for the bride and maid of honor and I’m not sure what dress I’m actually going to wear so I have to bring 2 pairs of heels to match my 2 dresses and ALL of my makeup!”

I was like ok, you can bring whatever you manage to fit in your pannier and maybe 1 small bag can go in the top box…I want to keep that empty for our jackets, gloves, etc.

She said “Of course babe, I’ll fit it all in…”

And you know what, she did! I have no idea if this bodes well for our trip around the world, but I was damned impressed with how she packed everything in. The only thing she forgot was all her bras…

Fortunately, a couple of her sports bras managed to sneak in, and we were going for a beach wedding after all, so we were running around in swim wear most of the time but yeah, she brought EVERYTHING IN HER CLOSET besides bras!!

Wow, I’ve gotten complete side-tracked. I think this post is supposed to be about staying fit and work-efficient while on the road, but I’ve gone on a tangent and ended up talking about my wife’s magical packing talent…

So back to the point…

We did it! While there are many things we want to do while we are on the road (for real starting in June 2017) this week away we wanted to accomplish 3 main things…besides enjoying time with our friends and the participating in the wedding celebrations of course…

These are the 3 things we really wanted to make sure we did…

  1. We wanted to maintain our fitness and make sure to squeeze in at least 3 workouts that week
  2. We wanted to keep up with our blog and post our 3 posts per week (Monday Motivation, Wednesday Workout & Fit Food Friday)
  3. We wanted to make sure our online clients still were getting their workouts while we were away

And I’m proud to say, we did all the above and we on even managed to get the ball rolling with sending out some sponsorship requests for the gear/gadgets we will need for the trip.

WE ALSO LOST A KILO EACH!! I lost a kilo by making sure I fit in a HIIT workout or a swim before breakfast and Marie lost hers by climbing a mountain with 3km of stairs while having heeled leather riding boots on (see video below :D) and I guess all the stress of needing to do the bride’s and maid of honor’s makeup…LOL!

Well, to wrap this all up…

Make small and specific goals for a short period of time and you’ll find it easier to accomplish them…

We set those three goals and gave ourselves only 1 week!

When the week was over, it was easy to see if we accomplished our goals or not.

The same goes for weight loss, progress in a sport or completing a work assignment.

The goal to lose 1 kilo a month is so much easier to manage that losing 12 kilos in a year, don’t you think?

Shorts lists.

Short time frames.

Specific goals.

This is what works for us. Try it and let us know if it helps you too.